Concierge Dog Training

For a dog who’s truly a member of the family

Your dog is family. You want him to be part of everything. That requires the best dog manners.
That’s where I come in—your Alexandria concierge dog trainer.

How concierge dog training works

Here’s how I help you enjoy a well-trained dog

We set your customized goals & training plan

Our first step is a 90 minute Initial Consult to discuss your concerns, needs, and goals. Then I create a customized training plan to meet them.

I train your dog for you

Each week of your training plan I hold three one hour training sessions with your dog. You can watch me work, or go about your usual schedule.

I transfer your dog’s new behavior to you

At the end of each week we meet in your home for a fun one hour transfer session, where your dog learns to impress you with his new manners.

I set you up for a lifetime of results

We schedule two one hour follow-up sessions to make sure you enjoy the results of my training efforts over the course of your dog’s lifetime.

Choose the Right Program

Bespoke Concierge Dog Training Programs

“I recently adopted a 3 year old street dog from Puerto Rico. While Ghost has a lot of street smarts, she was not used to the leash or trained in appropriate social behaviors with other dogs. I can’t say enough about how much Kim has helped us begin the process. Kim has a great sense of dog behavior and has helped me a great deal to understand better my dog’s fears and sensitivities, how to use positive reinforcement to begin the process of developing more appropriate behaviors, and to help me bond with my dog.”

Penelope Roberts

Ready for concierge dog training results?

Schedule your Initial Consult today.

The first step to a well-behaved canine family member is your Initial Consult.

Initial Consults are 90 minutes in the convenience of your home.

Schedule with me at 571-332-0505

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Welcome To Canine Connection

How I make positive canine connections

Hello! I’m Kim Keleher, the trainer behind Canine Connections. Here’s what you should know about how I work:

  • I train your dog for you.

    You want a well-behaved dog without all the work. I think that’s reasonable. Why wouldn’t the dog trainer do the dog training, after all?

  • I customize results to your life.

    You’ve got a lot going on, and you want your dog to fit into it all. That’s why I customize your dog’s training plan to fit your lifestyle.

  • I use positive, science-based training.

    You want a well-trained dog without any guilt about her training experience. I employ only modern, humane, science-based training.

  • I am an experienced, certified trainer.

    You want the best for yourself and your dog. I am an educated, certified, professional dog trainer dedicated to real training results.

  • I am there for you.

    You rely on the professionals you hire. I take customer care as seriously as I take dog training. You can count on me to follow through.

Ready to enjoy concierge dog training services?

Let’s make a canine connection!

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