Small dogs have different needs and challenges than their larger canine friends. I address these in my training. My focus is on adult dogs and puppies 25 pounds and under.

Professional bespoke puppy and dog training services for busy Alexandria dog lovers.

Concierge Puppy Training

I train your puppy for quick results and relief now, plus a head start on raising the dog of your family’s dreams.

Concierge Dog Training

I build & implement a customized training plan. You enjoy lasting results with your four-legged family member.

“Thank you Kim! We love the progress that Mocha is making and we owe it to you!”

Donald Davidson & Kali Ribeiro

Welcome To Canine Connection

Why hire a concierge dog trainer

Today’s busy, demanding lifestyle requires specialization and delegation. We hire all sorts of professionals to make our lives easier and more productive with their expertise and skills—from landscape designers and gardeners to accountants and lawyers.

If you:

  • Want to live with a well-behaved puppy or dog
  • Don’t have time for training classes and daily training homework
  • Don’t have the bandwidth to acquire a complicated new skill set
  • Want fast, long-lasting dog training results


You’ll be happier letting a pro train your puppy or dog for you.

I’m glad you found me

Hello and welcome! I’m Kim Keleher, the certified professional dog trainer behind Canine Connection. It’s my mission and my pleasure to help busy Alexandria dog lovers—professionals, families, and retirees—enjoy the best possible connection with their dogs.

As a modern, science-based dog trainer I use only humane, positive training methods approved by our industry’s leading education and research organizations. My goals are training results for your dog and peace of mind for you.

Ready to enjoy concierge dog training services?

Let’s make a canine connection!

No time for puppy training classes and dog training classes? Enjoy private puppy training and private dog training in Alexandria, VA.